About CI Security.

We are people passionate about security.

The world is increasingly digital, and we defend digital health. Because our customers make life better, we extend their teams and technologies to make them better.

We are world-class information security professionals providing Managed Detection and Response, Vulnerability Detection, and Cybersecurity Consulting Services to help you secure your mission-critical systems. Our specialty is protecting the life safety and life-sustaining networks of healthcare organizations and critical infrastructure.

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Where we came from

CI Security began as M. K. Hamilton & Associates, LLC, in 2011 with a vision of helping local, tribal, and territorial governments become more secure and resilient against ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. To meet increasing demand from healthcare organizations, we quickly expanded our team to include healthcare IT Security experts and began developing what became our MDR Service to detect and respond to threats in some of the most complex network environments.

As our customer base continued to grow, so did our team and physical footprint. We hired top security analysts for our Security Operations Center and additional engineers to further develop our cybersecurity products and services. It was during this time that we rebranded from M. K. Hamilton & Associates to Critical Informatics.

Most recently, in 2018, we shortened our name to CI Security to more clearly represent our mission to protect digital health. We continue to invest in people and technology to improve our ability to secure the networks that organizations rely upon to operate critical services and deliver patient care.

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