IoT Security with Managed Detection and Response

Manage, Detect, and Respond Quickly to Attacks on IoT devices

CI Security's MDR reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes

You likely know you have IoT devices on your network already.

They might be medical devices, cameras, lightbulbs, thermostats, or another one of the thousands of internet enabled things your co-workers or contractors bring onto your network. And, you have security on your devices and network (hopefully). But, there is no protection that's 100%. So, you need experts monitoring your network 24/7. We have those experts in our Security Operations Center providing Managed Detection and Response.

Managed Detection and Response gives you:

  • Visibility into your network that sees data coming in and out, downstream of the IoT devices.

  • Trained security analysts whose sole job is always monitoring your network for anomalies.

  • Fewer false positives because our analysts do the detective work for you.

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CI Security has top experts in the security field and we are sharing their suggestions on this site so you can manage your network, detect breaches, and respond when they happen.

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IoT Security with Managed Detection and Response FAQ

  • On my network, we only allow approved devices and they are homogeneous, so they are easy to monitor. Is that good enough?

    Maybe. If you are 100% sure only your approved, patched devices are on your network, you’re probably okay. Is the maker of the device always quick to send out patches and are you quick to install them? Do employees know the WiFi password, and are they careful not to put random stuff on the WiFi?
  • The people in my office bring in all sorts of different devices and no one could possibly keep up with patching all of them. What do I do?

    Get MDR. Analysts will alert you 24/7 if they see downstream evidence of hacking of the IoT device, which may have occurred before the device was connected to your network.
  • I already bought endpoint detection software and it works great. Why would I need anything else?

    That’s terrific. Good endpoint detection software is key. Do you have your endpoint detection software installed on your thermostats? Also, if you are like other companies, you don’t have time to go through all of the false-positive alerts your software kicks out. With MDR, someone else is checking out all of the reports and only presenting you with the ones that matter.
  • We have intrusion detection software that will tell me if something gets hacked. Why would I need MDR?

    Intrusion detection software is great. Are you looking at it every day and checking every report? An IoT hack might look like something else to the software. You need someone who is trained in seeing IoT hacks to look at the logs and network behavior and spot the hacked device.
  • I am spending too much on security software and IT personnel already. I can’t afford MDR.

    This is not where we say that you can get MDR for free. You can’t. And, good MDR isn’t cheap. But, the reputational harm to your company will have a much higher dollar value if the hackers are in your system for days, weeks, or months (just ask Marriott). MDR is a way to make sure that hair-tearing-out dwell time doesn’t happen to you.

Managed Detection and Response

Good risk management requires attention to minimizing the impact of risk events so that when it happens, it’s a small event. How do you minimize the impact? Managed Detection and Response.

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